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The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. ~G.K. Chesterton

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Washington Crossing The Delaware  12/25/2004
New Year 2004  2/1/2004
Wedding  11/25/2001
Before After Dining Room  7/2/2004
Before After Cabana  7/2/2004
Before After Backyard  7/2/2004
Kitchen Remodeling - Finished  7/2/2004
Before After Entry Way  7/2/2004
Before After Office  7/2/2004
Before After Master Bedroom  7/2/2004
Before After Kitchen  7/2/2004
Jersey Home  7/2/2004
Before After Greatroom  7/2/2004
Kitchen Remodeling - Part II  4/2/2004
Kitchen Demolition Part I  3/12/2004
SingleSpeed  6/25/2004
MCUDL Draft Finals - Part III  8/15/2003
MCUDL Draft Finals - Part II  8/15/2003
MCUDL Draft Finals - Part I  8/15/2003
Hopewell Classic  6/15/2003

Fishwrap (Blog) Updates

Changing Dean  11/12/2008
Fun with Maps  10/5/2008
Growing Dean  10/1/2008
Dean Crawls!  8/26/2008
Two Teeth  8/7/2008
The Byron Bay Baby Caper  4/27/2008
Adventures of Alana and Dean  4/5/2008
Dean Meets the Easter Bilby  3/23/2008
Thylacine Spotted in Australia  3/23/2008
Dean's Page  3/23/2008
Dean at 3 Months  3/4/2008
Birth Announcement  12/18/2007
Something is fishy in the water  8/24/2007
Nice Kitty  7/8/2007
South African Adventure  4/1/2007
Alana's first trip to Asia  2/12/2007
Platypus Hunter  11/12/2006
Philippa and Bill Wedding  7/22/2006
Changing Views  6/10/2006
Alana’s Brother and Friends Visit Australia  6/6/2006
Bad Hair Day  5/21/2006
Bells Beach  4/15/2006
Byron Bay  12/28/204
Wanthaggi to Warrnambool  1/7/2006
New Years Eve Celebration  12/31/2005
Sydney Christmas  12/30/2005
Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race  12/26/2005
Christmas In Melbourne  12/11/2005
Fraser Island  11/11/2005
A Tale of Three Cities  11/9/2005
Longing to Climb  9/13/2005
Outback  7/17/2005
Outback Trek  7/17/2005
Hunter Valley  7/16/2005
New South Wales - South Coast  7/15/2005
Extreme NZ  3/28/2005
Destination: Sydney  2/16/2005
New Years Travel  1/9/2005
Christmas in Port D  12/25/2004
Meet-A-Cheetah  10/31/2004
Finished Kitchen  8/22/2004
Mike's Bikes  8/22/2004
WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?!?!  3/15/2004
Miami Baby  2/28/2004
Car Photos  2/12/2004
Happy New Year!  1/6/2004
Merry Christmas!  12/17/2003
Welcome to two-fish.net  12/16/2003