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The 10-11 Months Album

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10 months today

Dean wearing his Kimono on his 10 month birthday, 10/17/2008

Dean checks out his thongs

Dean shows off his thongs - a true aussie, 10/17/2008

Ninja Dean going trick or treating

Although Halloween is considered an American holiday and not many people celebrate it, some of the businesses in the Corso were giving candy away to trick or treaters. Dean went to a few., 10/31/2008

Ninja Dean and Alana

After trick or treating Alana and Dean met some friends at the Warf Bar, 10/31/2008

Happy Ninja

Ninja Dean poses for a photo, 10/31/2008

Crawling Ninja

Ninja Dean crawls in the Warf Bar, 10/31/2008

Ninja Dean spears his friend

Dean and Charlie from Mothers Group, 10/31/2008

Ninja, Spider and Devil

Chase and Charlie also enjoy the festivities, 10/31/2008

Halloweenies on the move

Dean and 2 of his friends head to the Library for more shenanigans, 10/31/2008

Tuckered out

Being a ninja is tiring!, 10/31/2008

Dean shows off his 4 teeth

, 10/28/2008

Little posers

, 10/28/2008


, 10/28/2008

, 10/28/2008

Repressing a smile

Dean smiles less than he used to and is now doing these half smiles, repressing the full one, 10/27/2008

Full smile

He can be coaxed into smiling, 10/27/2008

With Daddy

A quick photo op during an evening hike along the Manly to Spit path, 10/26/2008

Dean and Ned at Floriade

Alana and Dean drove to Canberra for the day to catch up with friends and see Floriade. Floriade is a flower and entertainment festival held each spring in Canberra's Commonwealth Park, millions of flowers are arranged around a theme. It is just beautiful., 10/10/2008

Alana and Dean at Floriade

Alana and Dean enjoy the flowers., 10/10/2008