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The Around Sydney Album

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Faith and Hope at Balmoral Beach

On the first day Jill, Scott, Faith, Hope and Dee arrived the girls wanted to go to the beach. We decided to go to the "no wave" Balmoral beach that is 10 minutes from where we live., 3/27/2006

Faith at Balmoral Beach

There were more waves at this harbour beach than normal, and Faith enjoys the surf., 3/27/2006

Dee with apt. view

Dee enjoyed the view from our apartment. , 3/27/2006

Bears on the Harbour

There were bears representing different countries in Circular Quay. There were more than 120 Buddy Bears standing paw-in-paw at Circular Quay for 2 weeks. The message they 'bear' is one of friendship between nations and across cultures. On a non-stop tour of the world, the bears have already drawn huge crowds in Berlin, Kitzbühel, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo and Seoul - and raised in excess of AUD 1.5 million for UNICEF and local children's charities., 3/27/2006

Faith and hope with Buddy Bear

Faith and Hope liked this bear from Germany., 3/27/2006

Alana with US Bear

The US bear looked like the Statue of Liberty., 3/27/2006

Fruit Bats in the Botanic Garden

There is a large fruit bat or flying fox colony in the Sydney botanic gardens, 3/27/2006

Flying Foxes

Aren't their faces cute?, 3/27/2006


The botanic gardens also has these swamphen. I think they look like dinosaurs. There were a lot of these at the University of Queensland when Alana studied there., 3/27/2006

Alana Hope and Faith Botanic Gardens

We walked around the botanic gardens, 3/27/2006

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

The botanic gardens were full of Alana's favourite Australian bird, the sulphur crested cockatoo., 3/27/2006

Huh? Cockatoo

This cockatoo has never seen a camera before, 3/27/2006

Bird of Paradise

The botanic gardens also has flowers. These grow all over Sydney., 3/27/2006

Faith and a Koala named Hope

Faith and Hope get ready for a day at Manly beach., 3/28/2006

Manly Beach Closed

Manly beach was closed due to wild surf., 3/28/2006

Faith Hope and Alana at Manly

Even though the beach was closed we still swam. We were just extra careful since there were no lifeguards., 3/28/2006

Dee and Hope at Manly

Dee and Hope enjoying the beach., 3/28/2006

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos often stop by our balcony., 4/3/2006

Group in font of the Opera house

The whole gang in front of the opera house, 4/4/2006

Faith, Hope, Jill and Scott waiting for the ferry

Waiting for the ferry at Milson's point, 4/5/2006

A picnic under the bridge

Being just 5 minutes from out place we often have a picnic under the bridge, 4/5/2006

Blue Mountains Three Sisters

The blue mountains are about 2 hours from Sydney. They get their name from the blue hue that seems to fill the alley. The effect is caused by aporizing eucalyptus oil - from the trees, 4/6/2006