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The Birth Album

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To The Hospital

Alana is leaving for the hospital with her leopard-trimmed bag packed full of baby clothes., 12/17/2007

Alana Tagged

While preparing for the big event, the midwives adorn Alana with a hospital gown and name tags that will match the baby’s., 12/17/2007

Little Dean

Alana and Mike in theatre just after the baby’s birth., 12/17/2007

Alana and Dean

Alana and Dean recovering from an exciting morning., 12/17/2007

Baby Dean

Dean slept a lot during his first two days., 12/18/2007

Dean and Mom

Dean is now two days old. Mom is recovering well., 12/18/2007

First Visitors

Karma and Jackie came to visit baby Dean., 12/18/2007

Karen Visits Dean

Karen came to visit Dean and get a glimpse of things to come…, 12/21/2007

Angela and Abigail

Angela and Abigail enjoy holding the little tyke, 12/22/2007

Mike and Dean

Dad and baby, 12/20/2007

First Bath

Baby Dean takes to the water during his first bath., 12/20/2007

Tiny Dean

Dean’s favourite position, 12/20/2007

Leaving Hospital

After double-checking hospital ID bracelets, Alana is cleared to leave the hospital with the baby., 12/22/2007

First Car Ride

Dean slept through his first ride in the car – he must have gotten that trait from Alana, 12/22/2007


Mike’s workmates arrange for some balloons to welcome little Dean to his new home, 12/22/2007

One Week

Dean is one week old in this photo, 12/23/2007