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The Broken Hill - Outback Album

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Line of Load

The world’s largest and richest silver deposit was discovered in Broken Hill (1885). The lucky men who made the discovery started a mining company called Broken Hill Proprietary Co (today its known as BHP Billiton). A visitor centre and a mine memorial sit on top of a gigantic mound of mullock (tailings). This enormous mound is the result of more than one hundred years of mining., 6/12/2005

Broken Hill Sunset

One see a Broken Hill sunset is from the top of this enormous pile of discarded rock. Little Alana is sitting on one of the benches enjoying the sunset., 6/12/2005

Mining Memorial

The mining memorial structure is made out of rusting steel that is bright red in the setting sun. , 6/12/2005

Mining Memorial Flags

Two flags crown the mining memorial, the Australian flag and a red flag. The red flag symbolizes the blood of minors who died while working in Broken Hill mines., 6/12/2005

Mining Memorial

The memorial houses the names of all minors who died in Broken Hill since mining began. The plaques are ordered by year and explain how the person died. Falling down mine shafts appears to be the most frequent cause, particularly in the earlier years., 6/12/2005

Red Dirt

The outback of Australia is sometimes referred to as the red centre. The rusty colored dirt contrasts with the white bark of the eucalyptus trees/shrubs and the crystal clear blue sky., 6/12/2005

Dodgy Hotel

Mario’s Palace Hotel was built in 1888 and advertises historic lodging outfitted with antique furniture. While that statement is true, one could also say the place is old and worn down. The interior, however, was fascinating because of the murals covering every inch of wall space. The bar area seemed popular with the locals who were watching a re-broadcast of the Tyson fight that aired live earlier in the day., 6/12/2005

Dodgy Hotel

More views of the murals at Mario’s Palace Hotel. , 6/12/2005

Broken Hill Outback

Broken Hill is in the middle of the outback and this is a typical view from the edge of the city. , 6/12/2005

Broken Hill Artists

A vigorous art community thrives in Broken Hill. A local artist explained that the light and natural beauty inspire a lot of people who stay to paint. We spent a good part of the day visiting the studios. The studios range from the large Pro Hart warehouse sized gallery to a room inside an artists home converted into a gallery., 6/12/2005

Desolate Land

Travelling around Broken Hill reveals a few small and remote towns separated by a lot of desolate land. This windmill stands halfway between Broken Hill and White Cliffs., 6/12/2005

Desolate Land

Another shot of the landscape between Broken Hill and White Cliffs. , 6/12/2005