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The Byron Bay Baby Caper Album

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The Cape Byron lighthouse overlooks beautiful beaches and the zany antics that go on in the laidback town of Byron Bay. The lighthouse was our beacon and the beaches our destination during our time in the Northern Rivers region., 4/20/2008

First Flight

Alana, Dean, and Mike flew from Sydney to Byron Bay. Like most things for Dean, the flight was another ‘first’. Dean’s first flight was uneventful in both directions, Dean just sat wide-eyed, taking it all in., 4/20/2008

Tallows House

Karen and Leigh set us up in a nice, dog friendly house on Tallows Beach. This is a picture of the bunch, mamas, papas, babies, and dog., 4/21/2008

Playful Little Bugger

Dean took a liking to the large wavy lounge and it was here that he performed another ‘first’. To mom’s great delight, Dean willingly rolled over from his back to tummy!, 4/21/2008

Tallows Beach

Tallows beach is a long stretch of sand and wild surf. The top photo shows the beach looking South towards Lennox Head. Leigh made the bottom picture using his camera and a bike light one night - Leigh is quite talented with a camera., 4/21/2008

Tallows Splash

The merry crew took morning walks along the beach and Alana was particularly fond of splashing in the surf., 4/23/2008

Dean Ride

Dean rode either in his pram or on his mama or papa during the beach walks. , 4/22/2008

Beach Walk

Karen and Leigh’s dog, Max, enjoyed chasing the tennis ball into the surf. As you can see in this photo, his gaze is fixed on the tennis ball in Leigh’s hand., 4/22/2008

Tallows Walk

Karen, Ned, Leigh, and Max pose during a morning walk along Tallows Beach., 4/22/2008


Sunrise at the Cape Byron lighthouse, 4/23/2008


Leigh is walking up the path to the lighthouse during sunset, 4/23/2008

Cape Byron Lighthouse

The Cape Byron lighthouse after a late afternoon bike ride, 4/22/2008

Bike Ride

The ride to the lighthouse is all uphill, but the good news is that the ride home is sweet., 4/22/2008

Bike Ride

Mike and Leigh after riding up to the lighthouse from Tallows Beach., 4/22/2008

Mike and Dean

Mike and Dean enjoying an early morning at the lighthouse watching the sun rise, 4/22/2008

Ten Years

Mike and Alana visited Byron Bay once in 1998 which is now ten years ago. The top photo shows Mike back in 1998 and the bottom photo shows Mike in 2008. Notice any changes?, 4/23/2008

Northern Rivers

Some of our favourites include Byron Bay Chilli Co sauces, Brookfarm Macadamia Muesli, and of course, Byron Bay Cookies. We set off to explore the raw materials and enjoyed a scenic drive through the hinterland., 4/23/2008


The hinterland is rolling green hills dotted with cows and orchards., 4/23/2008

Coffee and Pie

The first stop on our scenic drive was a pecan and coffee farm. The merry ramblers had to stop and sample some of the delights and enjoyed freshly roasted coffee and pecan pie! Yum., 4/23/2008

Four Rivers Brewery

The next stop - Northern Rivers Brewery. This is a small brewery making fantastic handcrafted brews. The brewery was housed in a warehouse with ample room to grow as the equipment took up only a third of the available space. There is no doubt demand will grow., 4/23/2008


There were many birds near our holiday home, including this kookaburra., 4/23/2008

Off Road

Alana takes Dean off-road in his pram., 4/23/2008

Beach Tent

Anytime we went to the beach, we set up the fold-up tent for protection from the sun. Then we took turns looking after the babies and playing in the water. Karen, Ned, Mike and Dean hang out in the baby tent., 4/25/2008

Dean Splash

Dean even decided to take Alana for a dip., 4/25/2008

Going Home

Alana and Dean board the plane to return to Sydney. We shared good company and had a blast in Byron Bay!, 4/26/2008