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The Canberra Surrounds Album

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Cricket Action

Cricket is a pastime loved by many Australians this is a typical game played on a sunny afternoon., 12/5/2004

Why did the echidna cross the road?

This daring echidna decided to cross the road (Black Mountain) just after we passed., 12/5/2004

Tidbinbilla Roos

You see many kangaroos around Canberra. If you go out in the morning or evening when it is cool, you will see bunches of them standing or hopping around. In the heat of the afternoon, they will be laying in the shadow of trees. This one stood up as we approached camera in hand (visiting the Tidbinbilla nature Reserve)., 12/5/2004

Deep Space Communications Centre

There are enormous satellite dishes at the Deep Space Communications Centre. They communicate with NASA operations and cover the southern half of the hemisphere., 12/5/2004

Deep Space Communications Centre

Alana standing in front of a satellite dish (for scale) at the Deep Space Communications Centre., 12/5/2004

Sydney Opera House

Sydney is a three hour drive from Canberra., 12/5/2004

Tindbinbilla Gum Tree

A typical view in Australia, 12/5/2004

Ainsley Gum Tree

The Ainsley Nature reserve protects various species of gum trees. This is a great area to hike, bike, or run. There is also a trail you can take to the top of Mount Ainsley and enjoy a fabulous view of Canberra, 12/5/2004

Canberra From Ainsley

This is a shot of Civic (the city centre), Canberra Where we live., 12/5/2004

Baby Ducks

Ah springtime. These little guys were wadding through a pond in the Canberra Botanic Gardens., 12/5/2004


These cockatoos are all over Canberra and let out a loud screech when the fly overhead., 12/5/2004

Kangaroo Valley Canoe

Mike Canoeing on a river in Kangaroo Valley. We camped out and travelled to Shoalhaven a beautiful place to visit., 12/5/2004


This Kookaburra is watching visitors who are taking in a gorgeous view., 12/5/2004

Shoalhaven Rosetta

A Rosetta eating bird seed in Shoalhaven., 12/5/2004

Monitor Lizard

This monitor lizard lives in the Tallowa damn area., 12/5/2004