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The Costa Rica Album

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Bridge out on the way to La Fortuna

We arrived in San Jose Costa Rica on Friday. On Saturday we took an eight-hour bus ride to La Fortuna. This bridge was not safe to drive on, so everyone got out of the bus and got on another bus waiting for us on the other side of the bridge., 11/1/2003

Town near Arenal Volcano

The second night we stayed at Arenal Vista Lodge, it's about an hour from La Fortuna - and has incredible views of the volcano. This is a small town near the hotel., 11/1/2003

Arenal Vista Hotel

Picture of the Arenal Vista Lodge hotel, 11/1/2003

Alana in front of Arenal Lake

Donde es el volcan? Where is the volcano? We came to La Fortuna to see Volcan Arenal, yet for the first day we never saw it. We weren't ever sure where it was located!, 11/1/2003

White Faced Monkey

There is a rain forest hike directly behind the Arenal Vista Hotel. We had our first view of some monkeys. We were also amazed to hear the loud howler monkeys., 11/1/2003

Mike in front of Arenal Lake

This is the same place Alana was standing the prior day - now we can see the volcano., 11/1/2003

Arenal Volcano and Lake

Volcan Arenal is one of the many active volcanoes in Costa Rica. The last major eruption was July 29, 1968, it has been active ever since. At night you can see the red lava flowing down the mountain., 11/1/2003

Arenal Volcano

You can see the cloud of smoke coming out of the volcano., 11/1/2003

Rain Forest Bug

This bug was really cool - even though it is quite large - it flies., 11/1/2003

Rain Forest Sign

Read the literal translation of this sign., 11/1/2003

Morphous Butterfly

This butterfly has brilliant neon blue on the other side of its wings., 11/1/2003

Rain Forest Lizard

Lizards were everywhere in Costa Rica., 11/1/2003

Orchid growing in Lava

This Orchid was growing in the Arenal Lava field., 11/1/2003

Rain Forest Sign

Another funny interpretive sign, 11/1/2003

Arenal Volcano with Lava

You can see the lava tracks., 11/1/2003

La Fortuna

The "fortunate" town that was not impacted with the volcano's eruption., 11/1/2003

Green Iguana

These iguanas's are called green iguanas because they are green when they are babies., 11/1/2003

Green Iguana

A Green Iguana, 11/1/2003

Cano Negro

The Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve is a national park that is currently closed to the public. You can explore the river along the park border and see many animals., 11/1/2003

Cano Negro Bird

Costa Rica is a birder's heaven., 11/1/2003

Cano Negro Bats

These little bats look like knots on the wood., 11/1/2003

Blue Bird

Costa Rica has many of the same birds that live in South Florida, 11/1/2003


Another bird in Cano Negro, 11/1/2003

Little Caiman

There were many caiman gators in Cano Negro. We them in many different sizes., 11/1/2003

Big Caiman

A Caiman hanging out on a log in the sun – living the good life, 11/1/2003

Cano Negro house

A few people lived in modest houses far from a city, electricity, plumbing etc…, 11/1/2003

Monkey and Baby

Howler monkey with a baby, 11/1/2003

Howler Monkey

You can hear the howler monkeys from far away, 11/1/2003

How many Monkeys sitting in the tree?

A tree full of howler monkeys, 11/1/2003

Upside Down Monkey

Alana took a lot of monkey pictures including this howler who is hanging upside down, 11/1/2003


The three-toed sloth is difficult to see and we were lucky to find this one. He woke up long enough for a photo op and then went back to sleep., 11/1/2003


The tour guide explained this, but I missed it. Some kind of fruit, 11/1/2003

Mike and Alana in Monteverde Rain Forrest

Alana and Mike standing in the cloud forest, 11/1/2003

Mike in Monteverde

Mike at a lookout point on the Senderos del Bosque Eterno de los Ninos, 11/1/2003

Rain Forest

A photo from the Senderos del Bosque Eterno de los Ninos, 11/1/2003

Morphous Butterfly

These butterflies were everywhere. They have a beautiful design and cool blue color that visible while they are in flight., 11/1/2003


There is an orchid reserve outside of the Monte Verde Park. The reserve specializes in miniatures, but has 200 different plants. There were 90 plants in bloom when we were there., 11/1/2003

Mike on Zip Line

The zip line canopy tour is great fun. The cables span hundreds of meters (upto 750m) across rainforest valleys. Some cables are high above the canopy and others go through the trees. In either case, you have great views of the tree tops., 11/1/2003

Zip Line into the clouds

This is a view from the zip line platform. You are about to fly into the abyss!, 11/1/2003

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Flora

Some cool flowers in the Santa Elena park - It rained a lot while we were here., 11/1/2003

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Waterfall

The rain feeds this waterfall., 11/1/2003

Rincon Boiling Mud Pots

Volcan Rincon de la Vieja – We camped out in this park, which is very diverse. There were many interesting geothermal features such as these boiling mud pots., 11/1/2003

Coati / Pizote

These scavengers are relatives of the raccoon. They figured out how to get into the park’s trashcans. We witnessed a Coati fight – and let me tell you – don’t pick a fight - they are nasty! They are also cool because their tail sticks up in the air and you can see where they are going. They can smell smoke and will run to a fire, aiding fire fighters. They are nasty, but noble characters., 11/1/2003

Rincon Waterfall

This was a large waterfall that we hung out at for a while, 11/1/2003

Rincon Monkey

Monkeys frequently moved through the trees in our camp site., 11/1/2003

Rincon "Thanksgiving" Sunset

At home, as americans were recovering from a day of eating, we were watching this sunset. It was amazing. You can see the pacific ocean in the distance, but the picture just does not reflect the beauty., 11/1/2003

Rincon "Thanksgiving" Sunset

Another view of this sunset from Volcan Rincon de la Vieja, 11/1/2003

Alana on the Rincon Summit Hike

We made the 10-mile (3,000 ft. elevation gain) hike to the summit only to find crazy wind and clouds. It was like riding on an airplane wing as it flies through the clouds. This picture was taken in a moment of calm. FYI: The best time to make this hike is in January!, 11/1/2003

Rincon Summit Hike Signs

Another clear moment to take a picture before we climbed above vegetation. This is one of many false-summits on the hike., 11/1/2003

Rincon Summit Hike Views

A view of the valley we hiked by to the summit of Volcan Rincon, 11/1/2003

Tamarindo Sunset

This sunset was taken from the beach in Tamarindo – a funky little surf town. There is also a protected beach where leatherback sea turtles lay their eggs. We saw one of these gaints (the largest of all sea turtles) lay her eggs one night., 11/1/2003

Guaitil Kiln

Guaitil is a town where natives make and sell pottery along the side of the road. This is one of the many backyard kilns., 11/1/2003

Making Pottery

These guys were making some vases and Alana asked to take their picture., 11/1/2003

Making Pottery

They are talented, 11/1/2003

Guaitil Pottery Shop

Pottery for sale, 11/1/2003

Guaitil Pottery Shop

A sampling of some of the items you can buy., 11/1/2003

Blue Church

We passed this church on the bumpy road to Ostional., 11/1/2003

Collecting Turtle Eggs

The ticos in Ostional spent the afternoon collecting turtle eggs (see article on Arribadas on our web site for more details). They fill these white bags with eggs., 11/1/2003

Collecting Turtle Eggs

Another shot of the locals collecting turtle eggs, 11/1/2003

Washing Turtle Eggs

The men wsah the membrane off the eggs in the ocean, 11/1/2003

Sorting Turtle Eggs

Once clean, the eggs are divided into bags of 200 which are then sold for 4200 colones (roughly $10), 11/1/2003

Bags of Turtle Eggs

An afternoon haul of turtle eggs, 11/1/2003

Transporting Turtle Eggs

An afternoon haul of turtle eggs - going into the truck, 11/1/2003

Selling Turtle Eggs

We saw this man selling the turtle eggs a couple days later in Puntarenas, 11/1/2003

Ostional Cabina

We stayed in this cozy cabin for a mere $15.00 / night. Not a bad deal considering we were across the street from a beach with thousands of turtles. Alana even ate her dinner in the room., 11/1/2003

Alana and Olive Ridley Turtle

Alana made a new friend in Ostional, 11/1/2003

Olive Ridley Turtle

A close up of Alana's friend., 11/1/2003

Mike and Ostional Sunset

Ostional sunset with a monkey, no wait that is Mike, 11/1/2003

Ostional Sunset

Ostional sunset - after dark everyone must leave the beach - it belongs to the turtles, 11/1/2003

Ostional Sunset Wave Crashes

Good timing on the photo Alana, 11/1/2003

White Faced Monkey in Montezuma

This monkey got the banana from a nearby resturant, 11/1/2003

White Faced Monkey in Montezuma

Did we mention that there were monkeys in Costa Rica?, 11/1/2003

White Faced Monkey in Montezuma

A monkey chillin in the tree, 11/1/2003

White Faced Monkey in Montezuma

White Faced Monkey, 11/1/2003

Two White Faced Monkeys

Monkeying around, 11/1/2003

Cabo Blanco Beach

We hiked through Cabo Blanco park to visit this remote beach. Cabo Blanco was the first National Park established in Costa Rica (1963). A Swedish couple Karen Morgensen, and Olof Wessberg bought land that had previously been farmed and worked to return it to its natural state (rain forest). Now 1250 hectares of forest and many kilometers of dramatic coastline are home to hundreds of animal and plant species., 11/1/2003

Alana Loaded up

Loaded down at the ticket office, 11/1/2003

Boat to Tortuga Island

We spent our last day in the lap of luxury. A nice cruise to Isla Tortuga aboard this catamaran, 11/1/2003

Puntarenas Sunset

Puntarenas Sunset, 11/1/2003

Café Brit Cart

Café Brit is a Costa Rican coffee roaster (no relation to Great Brittan). We bought a pound of Organic shade grown coffee and it is tasty. The tour was unlike any other tour we've been on - it was a performance - like a play. We learned a lot and Alana even participated in a wedding, 11/1/2003