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The Exploring Melbourne Album

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Christmas in Melbourne

Alana worked in Melbourne from September until Mid-December. There were Christmas decorations everywhere., 12/1/2005

Christmas in Melbourne

There must not have been a tree big enough for this ornament, 12/1/2005

Christmas in Melbourne

Melbourne is ready for Christmas, 12/1/2005

David Jones Christmas windows

David Jones is one of Australia's department stores. Every Christmas it decorates windows like Macy's does in NYC. This year's theme was Santa Kid., 12/1/2005

David Jones Christmas windows

Another Christmas window at David Jones, 12/1/2005

Melbourne Elves

Instead of velvet ropes and poles these elves showed people where to queue to see the Christmas windows. , 12/1/2005

Melbourne City Harbour View

Harbour view of Melbourne, 12/1/2005

Melbourne City Harbour View

Sunsets and sailboats - lovely, 12/1/2005

Melbourne Train Station

This is the main train station in Melbourne., 12/1/2005

Melbourne South bank

The Yarra river flows alongside the city of Melbourne. This picture was taken from South bank - an area with restaurants, nice shops and evening entertainment., 12/1/2005

Melbourne Statues

Melbourne is the shopping and cultural capital of Australia. There are many statues throughout the city. I would pass by these on my walk to work each day., 12/1/2005

Brighton Beach Huts

Brighton Beach is a short train ride from Melbourne's city centre, it is known for it's privately owned beach huts. One day after work Alana and a few co-workers visited this Melbourne icon., 12/1/2005

Brighton Beach Huts

Although the beach huts are shaped the same none of them look alike., 12/1/2005

Brighton Beach Huts

Aussie Flag, 12/1/2005

Brighton Beach Huts - Leafy Sea Horse

You may see one of these leafy sea horses when diving off the southern coast of Australia. Aren't they beautiful?, 12/1/2005