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The Exploring Sydney Album

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Aging Wine

The Hunter Valley vineyards are two hours from Sydney and were a stop on our Port Macquarie road trip. , 12/1/2005

Temptress At Tempus

Alana resting outside the Tempus Vineyards wine tasting room. , 12/1/2005


There are many well-manicured and full gardens in the Hunter Valley., 12/1/2005

Emu up close

Have you ever seen an emu up close and personal?, 12/1/2005


It looks as though this Joey (baby kangaroo) has reached the size where mama may kick him out of the pouch. , 12/1/2005

Morning Glory

One can find morning glories in Australia as well as the U.S., 12/1/2005

Mrs. Macquaries Point

Bill sitting in a chair carved from the rocks on Mrs. Macquaries point. This spot is very popular because of the shade and city view. It is often mistaken for Mrs. Macquarie’s chair. The real ‘chair’ is around the corner with view in the opposite direction (toward the Atlantic)., 12/1/2005

City Views

The view of the city as seen from Mrs. Macquarie’s Point, 12/1/2005

Mrs Macquarie's Chair

Bill sits in Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, 12/1/2005

Queen Jenny

Jenny sits regally in the ‘real’ Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, 12/1/2005

Botanic Garden Tree

One of many interesting trees in the Sydney Botanic Gardens , 12/1/2005

Wollemi Pine

While wandering through the Sydney Botanic gardens, we ran across a tree growing inside of a cage. The Wollemi Pine is one of the world’s rarest plants with only three known growing in the wild. Wollemi Pines were thought to be extinct (seen only in fossils) until 1994 when a bushwalker discovered one just 150 kilometres from Sydney., 12/1/2005

Opera House

Outside of the Opera House., 12/1/2005

Gum Tree Rest

Sydney boasts many striking hikes along its foreshore. The stretch between the Spit Bridge and Manly Beach is particularly scenic. Jenny and Bill spent a morning hiking this section., 12/1/2005


The Frangi-pani flowers are everywhere in Sydney including the Sydney foreshore trails. Sydney-siders often wear them behind their ear., 12/1/2005

Shade Leaves

Another great source of shade while hiking in Sydney, 12/1/2005