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The Fraser Island Album

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Fraser Island

The world’s largest sand island houses freshwater reservoirs, perched lakes, sand dunes, and a subtropical rain forest. Fraser Island is an Australian National Park and a World Heritage site., 10/1/2005

Serious 4x4s

To drive around the island, you need a serious 4x4 vehicle. Many people drive jeeps along the beach to get around. Travelling on the roads the crisscross through the interior requires additional four wheeling skill. We travelled in a Mercedes Unimog., 10/1/2005

Landing Strip

The beach serves as the highway and the airport., 10/1/2005

Fraser Island Road

The roads on Fraser Island are composed of very soft sand and were at times difficult for the Unimog to get through. , 10/1/2005

Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno Shipwreck, 10/1/2005

Coloured Sands

Sand from the beach contains minerals and clay. When this sand is blown inland, it collects in an area such as this where the colour reflects in the sun. , 10/1/2005

Indian Head

Indian Head is a great place to watch the sharks and rays feed on schools of fish in the water below., 10/1/2005


Home for the night, 10/1/2005


We hiked on sand dunes to get to many of the freshwater lakes. Walking in the sand made for a difficult hike. , 10/1/2005


This refreshing lake was the reward for hiking across the dunes. There were people riding a body board down the sand and into the lake. Sledding Australian style!, 10/1/2005


Alana cools off in the lake while taking in the gum tree view. , 10/1/2005


These turtles enjoy the Fraser Island lakes, 10/1/2005

Dunes and Trees

The island’s sand is held in place by scribbly gums, mangroves, and wild flowers. These plants and the rainforest receive their nutrients from decomposing vegetation such as fallen leaves. It is quite remarkable to think that such a large rainforest can grow on a sand island., 10/1/2005

Landing Beach

We arrived on this beach, 10/1/2005


Alana enjoyed riding around in the Unimog. , 10/1/2005


Fraser Island Sunset, 10/1/2005

Whale Tail

Whales make their annual migration through the seas surrounding Fraser Island. The Hervey Bay whale watching cruises guarantee you will see whales, 10/1/2005

Whale Tail

Each whale tail is unique like your fingerprint. Scientists use the shape and markings on the tail to identify and track the whales (in addition to an implanted radio device), 10/1/2005

Rare Position

Marine biologists have recently observed this strange whale behaviour in Australia. The whale is positioned vertically in the water with just the tips of the tail breaking the surface. The whales do this when feeding their young., 10/1/2005