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The Great Ocean Road Album

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B&B Exterior

We started our Great Ocean Road Adventure from Geelong. The impeccably restored world-heritage listed Bed and Breakfast Pevensey House provided a luxurious nights rest. The owner/operator is a humorous Aussie bloke full of funny stories and great advice., 1/1/2006

B&B Interior

The B&B foyer was decorated for Christmas, 1/1/2006

Victorian House

This is another example of the Victorian style that permeates through the South-Geelong neighbourhoods. It reminded Mike of the old houses found throughout Central Jersey., 1/1/2006

Drive Left

The official entrance to the stretch of coastal roadway known as the Great Ocean Road. Should we be worried that they feel its necessary to post the ‘Drive On Left’ signs?, 1/1/2006

Hiking Erskine Falls

Jenny enjoyed hiking through the lush forest leading to the Erskine Falls., 1/1/2006

Erskine Falls

The scenic hikes surrounding the Erskine Falls are a nice break from endless ocean views from the Great Ocean Road., 1/1/2006

White Lady

Aireys Inlet Split Point Light House - also known as the White Lady, 1/1/2006

Looking Down

The treetop-walk gives humans a koala’s view of Australian forests. This is another attraction off the Great Ocean Road., 1/1/2006

Suspended Bill

Bill walking down a suspended walk, checking out the tree tops., 1/1/2006

Afraid of Heights?

Bill and Jenny comforting Janet who gets a little nervous at heights., 1/1/2006

Birdseye view

Birdseye view of people walking around on the ground below., 1/1/2006


One of the twelve Apostles at sunset, 1/1/2006

12 Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are a major action along the Great Ocean Road. For good reason, because the views are amazing, you wont want to leave. , 1/1/2006

Taking In The Views

Jenny enjoying the views from the Twelve Apostles lookout, 1/1/2006

Two of How Many?

These are two if the ‘twelve’ Apostles. There are actually less than twelve of these rock outcroppings. In fact one fell over a few months before we arrived. You can see more in the Cliffside, however, on-deck to become a future Apostle., 1/1/2006

Great Ocean Arch

Arching into the sea, 1/1/2006

Thunder Point

If you find yourself in Warrnambool, be sure to visit Thunder Point. From here, you can hike, whale watch, and learn about Australian maritime history. Bill is standing by the jagged rocks. , 1/1/2006

Jagged Rocks

Jenny climbing the jagged rocks of Thunder Point., 1/1/2006