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The Honeymoon Album

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Spinner Dolphins

Two spinner dolphins swimming in the wake of the boat. Our playful friends live off of Kauai’s Na Pali coast., 8/25/2001

Three Spinner Dolphins

Two adult spinner dolphins and a young one are swimming in the wake of the boat., 8/25/2001

Alana in the Waterfall

Alana is swimming in a small pool at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall, 8/25/2001

Alana on the Na Pali Coast

This beach lies along a trail that follows the Na Pali coast. The beach has dangerous waters, so Alana opted to rest in the sand., 8/25/2001

Alana and Mike in Maui

A picture of Mike and Alana visiting a beautiful snorkel spot along the road to Hana., 8/25/2001

Another Romantic Sunset

A toast to another beautiful sunset, 8/25/2001

Sun Set on a Surf Beach

A Sunset as seen from a popular surfing beach, 8/25/2001

Alana and the Whale

Alana really liked this whale woodcarving., 8/25/2001

Banyan Tree

A very large banyan tree provides shade on a long hike to Hawaii’s tallest waterfall., 8/25/2001

The Monk Seal beach

The beach where the baby monk seal was born., 8/25/2001

Beautiful Beach

Another beautiful beach, this one meets the high cliffs of the Na Pali coastline, 8/25/2001

Lava Church

Many building in Hawaii are built from the local stone., 8/25/2001

Fantasy Falls

Here they are, the waterfalls featured in the Fantasy Island show and a popular tourist stop., 8/25/2001

Keanae Bay

A beautiful bay near the town of Keanae. Also a nice place to snorkel, 8/25/2001


This lighthouse protects ships from the Kauai coast., 8/25/2001

Mike and Alana

Mike and Alana in paradise., 8/25/2001

Monk Seal

This monk seal was sun bathing on the beach. The beach is protected because a baby monk seal was recently born here., 8/25/2001

Sea Cave

The cliffs along the Na Pali coast are filled with caves. This is a cool place to take a kayak or small boat to explore., 8/25/2001

A Kauai Sunset

Another sunset picture, 8/25/2001

Hawaiian Waterfall

One of many waterfalls in Hawaii, 8/25/2001

Snorkel Spot

An incredibly beautiful snorkel spot along Kauais coast., 8/25/2001

Spouting Horn

Holes in the lava rock along the beach create waterspouts when waves roll in., 8/25/2001

Taro Fields of Keanae

Taro is a starchy root vegetable that was a staple food for ancient Hawaiians. We found Taro chips for sale throughout the islands., 8/25/2001

Underwater Turtle

This is a picture of Alana's friend. This turtle was on his way to the surface to take a breath of air, 8/25/2001

Eel and Turtle

The spotted moray eel was looking for food in the coral. The turtle was taking a breath of fresh air and visiting Alana at the surface, 8/25/2001

Boats in the Sunset

Boats floating on the ocean during a beautiful sunset, 8/25/2001