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The London Album

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Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle became known as Lady’s Castle, because of the number of Queens of England who lived there. It is also renowned for its unique museum of dog collars and aviary of unusual birds., 2/1/2003

Alana at Leeds Castle

Alana enjoyed the tour of Leeds because it is a beautiful castle in very beautiful surroundings. There were not too many other people because of the time of year., 2/1/2003

Leeds From A Far

This is a picture of the Leeds Castle from the other side of the moat, 2/1/2003

Leeds Castle

Leeds from the other side of the moat, 2/1/2003

Leeds Castle

Leeds castle, 2/1/2003

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury is England’s ecclesiastical capital and in the middle of the city lies this incredible cathedral, 2/1/2003

Above the Cathedrals doors

For at least fourteen hundred years the worship of God has been offered on the site of this Cathedral, 2/1/2003

Canterbury Cathedral

King Henry II thought his friendship with St. Thomas Beckett, an Archbishop in Canterbury, would gain influence over the church. After discovering that Beckett was loyal to the Pope, he sent some knights over to check things out. On December 29, 1170, Beckett was murdered by the knights inside the cathedral. You can see Beckett’s shrine inside the cathedral, 2/1/2003

Tower Bridge

The bridge was built in 1894 to meet two goals. To become the main passage over the Thames River without inhibiting shipping traffic, 2/1/2003

Tower Bridge

The London Bridge is the largest bascule (French for "see-saw") bridge ever built, 2/1/2003

Statues Found In London

The dragon (right) statue is found at all entry points into London, 2/1/2003

Anti-War Protest

One million people gathered in London to protest the war on Iraq. The London media claimed this was the largest gathering in the city ever, 2/1/2003

Parliament Building

Parliament building in London, 2/1/2003

Big Ben

No trip to London is complete without seeing Big Ben, 2/1/2003

London Eye

The London Eye is ‘how the world sees London’. It rotates so slow that it never stops to let people on and off, you just board while it goes. It takes over 30 minutes to make it around., 2/1/2003