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The Malaysia Album

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Petronas Towers at Night

At 88 floors (452 meters/1,483 ft) the Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world from April 15th, 1996 until October 17th, 2003 when Taipei 101 (Financial Center) was topped out at 508m (1676ft)., 2/12/2007

Petronas Towers with Mosque Spire

The Petronas Towers were designed with typical Islamic architectural principles such as repeting the 8-point star and the curved and pointed bays.., 2/12/2007

Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are connected by a sky bridge on the 41st floor which tourists can visit. They were featured in the action movie "Entrapment", starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones., 2/12/2007

View from KL Accenture Office

On the last day of our conference we were given a tour of the Accenture office. The Accenture office is on the 66th floor, which is above the viewing platform that connects the 2 towers., 2/12/2007

Office window message

The windows had messages on them, I liked this one., 2/12/2007

Sarah and Belinda in the office

My fellow Australians Sarah and Belinda were also at the conference., 2/12/2007

Accenture Office

Cool office., 2/12/2007

This is Canberra

Sarah points to Canberra., 2/12/2007

Sarah, Belinda and Alana enjoy drinks

Sarah, Belinda and Alana enjoying drinks after the conference., 2/12/2007

Kompleks Dayabumi Building

This building also has the repetitious geometry (8pt star) that is typical Muslim architecture., 2/12/2007

Menara Telecom Tower

KL Tower, as it is popularly known, is the 4th tallest telecom tower in the world at 421 meters., 2/12/2007

Masjid Jamek Mosque

Masjid Jamek - The oldest Mosque in Kuala Lumpur., 2/12/2007

Shop Fronts

, 2/12/2007

Selangor Club

The foreground is part of Merdeka Square which translates to "Independence Square". It was here that the British flag was lowered on 31st August 1957, signifying the end of colonial rule. The Padang or field was the focal point of KL in the old days, serving as a police parade ground and venue for cricket and other sporting activities. The building is called the Sultan Abdul Samad and was constructed in 1897 the predominantly Moorish appearance of the building suitably reflects the cultural background of Malaysia. It once served as the Colonial Secretariat offices, but now houses the Supreme and High Courts., 2/12/2007

KL Train Station

This railway station was built in 1910 of Moorish architecture, which features arches, domes and minarets., 2/12/2007

Cool Buildings

, 2/12/2007

Tour De Malaysia

The Tour De Malaysia was on while we were at the conference. After a day of shopping we saw them rush by., 2/12/2007

China Town Markets

China town is the place to go for fake designer purses, shoes and pirated DVDs, 2/12/2007

China Town street lights

Many of the streets were decorated for Chinese New Year. , 2/12/2007

Apartment Building

This is a typical apartment building., 2/12/2007

Central Market

Central Market is where you can buy Malaysian crafts., 2/12/2007

View from room

Sunrise from my hotel room in KL., 2/12/2007

Melaka Square

Sarah and I stayed in Malaysia after the conference to do some traveling. We went to Melaka, about 2 hours from KL. Melaka was founded by the last Malay ruler of Temasik (ancient Singapore) in 1396 who named it "Melaka" after the name of the tree he leaned against. It emerged as a strong maritime trading state because of its strategic location straddling the Straits of Melaka. It thrived as a port-of-call with trade ships from China, Japan, India, Arab and South Africa. In 1511, it fell to the hands of the Portuguese, followed by the Dutch in 1641. In 1795, Melaka was given to the British, it was returned to the Dutch in 1818 under the treaty of Vienna but was later exchanged by the British for Bangkahulu, Sumatra. From 1826 onwards, the British East India Company along with Singapore and Penang governed it, under the Straits Settlement administration in Calcutta, 2/12/2007

Melaka Church

The Dutch, who held Melaka for over a century, left many fine buildings marking their heritage. The most imposing relic of the Dutch period is the Stadthuys, a strikingly pink town hall which is today the oldest Dutch building in the Far East. Right next to it stands the bright red Christ Church, constructed in 1753 with pink bricks imported from Holland and covered with local red lacerite. , 2/12/2007

Melaka Trikeshaws

Trikeshaws are outrageously decorated. , 2/12/2007

Melaka Trikeshaws

, 2/12/2007

Sarah and Alana enjoy a Trikeshaw tour

After looking at a few Sarah and decided to take a trikeshaw tour of Melaka., 2/12/2007

Chinese Temple

There are 3 major religions in Malaysia: Chinese, Buddhism and Muslim this is a Chinese temple, they are so ornately decorated., 2/12/2007

Chinese Temple decoration

Detail of one of the temple's decorations., 2/12/2007

Buddha's in lava rock

Buddha's on coral rock in front of a Buddhist temple., 2/12/2007

Kek Lok Si

After the day in Melaka Sarah Flew home and I headed up North to the Island of Penang. It's a 5 hour bus ride or a 1 hr flight from KL. Penang is largely a beach resort site. Since I live near some of the best beaches on earth, I took in the sites instead. This is the path up to Kek Lo Si Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. You can see the Buddhist pagoda and huge Buddha statue and temple roofs in the distance., 2/12/2007

Kek Lok Si Turtle Pond

The turtle pond is at the entrance to the temple., 2/12/2007

Kek Lok Si Pagodas

Beautifully painted pastel pagodas. The white pagoda in the background is the Pagoda of Rama VI, the foundation stone of which was laid by the Thai monarch himself., 2/12/2007

Kek Lok Si Pagodas

, 2/12/2007

Kek Lok Si Pagodas

, 2/12/2007

Ban Po Thar "10,000 Buddha's Pagoda"

, 2/12/2007

Ban Po Thar "10,000 Buddha's Pagoda" w/ flowers

, 2/12/2007

Entrance to 10,000 Buddha's Pagoda

, 2/12/2007

Some of the 10,000 Buddha's

Buddha's can take many forms. I think there were 10,000 buddha's in this temple., 2/12/2007

View of Penang

View of Georgetown, the capital of Penang, from the temple., 2/12/2007

Sek Lok Si Temple

This complex was amazing -- so may brightly coloured temples!, 2/12/2007

Sek Lok Si Temple Grounds

, 2/12/2007

Large Buddha statue

Old statue of Kuan Yin. , 2/12/2007

Golden Buddha's

There were gold Buddhas everywhere., 2/12/2007

Kuan Yin Buddha

This is a 30.2 meter tall bronze statue of Kuan Yin who has for centuries been the chief symbol of human compassion or goddess of mercy in the Orient, 2/12/2007

Penang Shops

Shops selling bright coloured items., 2/12/2007

Penang Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens were beautiful. It was a very hot day, even so there were many people running! I was a sweaty mess just from walking there. , 2/12/2007

Macaque Monkey

The Macaque monkeys are very common in Malaysia and are considered pests. All around the park there are signs saying don't feed the monkeys. This monkey was eyeing the plastic bag in my hand. He started to grab for it, so I put my purchases in my purse and put the plastic bag in the rubbish bin thinking the monkey was used to getting fed out of them., 2/12/2007

Banded Leaf Monkey

This is an endangered banded leaf monkey. As I was taking photos of it, a macaque monkey snuck up on me…, 2/12/2007

Ferrell Monkey

I looked down and saw this macaque looking up at me, quite close. I took a quick photo then started walking towards the path. It followed me, then about 15 monkeys started following me and showing there teeth. They obviously wanted food (which I had none) they were starting to grab for my purse, so I took it off my shoulder and started swinging it around at them. That scared them away. A guy running came up to me and said they can get quite aggressive, you think??, 2/12/2007

Penang Thai Buddhist Temple

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram, Georgetown, Penang., 2/12/2007

Buddhist Temple

This temple was just outside of the city., 2/12/2007

Golden Buddha

, 2/12/2007

Golden Buddha's

, 2/12/2007

Largest Supine Buddha

This is the a 33-metre gold plated reclining Buddha (Pra Buddha Chaiya Mongkol), largest reclining Buddha in the Southern Hemisphere. All in all it was a good first trip to Asia, looking forward to more in the future., 2/12/2007