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The NSW South Coast Album

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Red Earth

The coast between Batemans Bay and Malua Bay is seen from atop the high red-dirt cliff., 2/26/2005

Gum Tree Cliff

Mike checking out the ocean below., 2/26/2005

Murramarang National Park

The Kangaroos and lorikeets were very tame at Murramarang National Park., 2/26/2005

Beach Kangaroos

The kangaroos at Durrand beach hop to the water to cool off in the summer heat., 2/26/2005

Beach Kangaroo

This kangaroo is hanging out on the beach watching the tourists walk around., 2/26/2005

Durrand Beach

Durrand Beach is flanked by black rocks covered with millions of snails. , 2/26/2005

Tall Tree

The trees along the South Coast are very dense compared to other areas in Australia and New South Wales. , 2/26/2005

Kangaroo Hangout

The kangaroos are hanging out on Durrand Beach, 2/26/2005

Alana’s Friend

Alana befriended this kangaroo , 2/26/2005

Lizard Trouble

This lizard was sitting in a tree when we noticed he had a fishhook and line stuck to him. Another man carefully grabbed the lizard and removed the hook., 2/26/2005


A frequent sight along Sydneys southern beaches, 2/26/2005

Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling is a popular sport in Australia and there were many matches in progress on this Sunday afternoon., 2/26/2005

Light House

There are many lighthouses along the southern coast of New South Wales, 2/26/2005