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The New Zealand Album

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Home for a fortnight

Campervan is a popular way to travel through NZ. It afforded us a lot of flexibility and the opportunity to see parts of the country off the beaten path. , 3/18/2005

Spelunking Opportunity!

The shortest route between Christchurch and the West coast crosses over Arthur’s pass. Near the summit, an underwater river tunnels its way through a short cave (300 meters or so). Those not afraid to get into a little cold water (waste-deep) can walk through from one side of the pass to the other. , 3/18/2005

Franz Josef

Alana is chillin’ in front of Franz Josef Glacier, 3/18/2005

Franz Josef

The Franz Josef glacier terminal face is slowly inching forward as the weather conditions currently favour advancement. This picture was taken after our hike, later in the afternoon as the clouds moved in and it started to rain. , 3/18/2005

Alana Rock

The rocks near the terminal face of the Franz Josef glacier had cool formations. Alana found a nice spot to take a break from our hike. , 3/18/2005

Mossy Rock

This is a close up view of moss growing on a rock scraped off the valley wall by the mighty glacier., 3/18/2005

NZ Extremes

NZ - a country of extremes. The areas near the glaciers edge are very dangerous. The ice sweltering in the heat of the day is unpredictable and could fall with out warning. , 3/18/2005

Terminal Face

Mike and Alana standing in front of the terminal face. There were many people here and we all took turns taking each others pictures. , 3/18/2005

Gillespies Beach

Gillespies Beach is somewhat off the beaten track as the thirty minute drive takes you away from the Fox and Franz Josef glacier tourist areas and the main costal highway. The beach serves as a nice place to camp and is also the trailhead for the Seal Colony Beach walk. A 20 km trail following the breach to Waikowhai Bluff. , 3/18/2005

Gillespies Rocks

Gillespies Beach is different because it is not sandy, but rocky. The stones were all in the ideal shape and size of skipping stones. The waves ebb and flow jostled the stones creating a unique sound. , 3/18/2005

Gillespies Beach

Another view of the Gillespies Beach stones as the sun moved closer to the horizon. , 3/18/2005

Sunset at Gillespies Beach

The remarkable sunset made you forget about, if only for a few minutes, the incessant sand flies attacking every bit of exposed skin. , 3/18/2005

Dramatic Landscape

There is no shortage of dramatic landscape in the whole of the South Island. This is a view of the mountain range in the Fox and Franz Josef area. , 3/18/2005

Beautiful Peak

Another shot of a mountain peak as the morning fog lifted., 3/18/2005

Fox Glacier

The Fox Glacial flow has a more dramatic appearance than the neighbouring Franz Josef. We hired crampons and joined a guided tour bringing us on top the glacier for some spectacular views. There are also helicopter hikes, which takes you close to the snow fields where you may be able to explore an ice cave. In hind-sight, we wished we ponied up the extra $$$ for a helicopter ride., 3/18/2005

Fox Glacier

We visited the Fox Glacier on a crystal-clear day. The bright sun shinning on the ice brought out a striking iridescent blue hue., 3/18/2005

A Distant Fox Glacier

A view of the Fox Glacier flowing into a lush green landscape., 3/18/2005

Tranquil Lake Matheson

We learned that Lake Matheson was ‘New Zealand’s most photographed lake’ and best seen at sunset. We raced the setting sun from the trailhead, sprinting the length of trail, arriving at the first viewing area just after the ideal photo time (according to the hard-core tripod toting photographers). It was beautiful nonetheless and we captured many photos with the famous reflection. , 3/18/2005

Watch out for the Kea

The Kea is an alpine parrot with malicious reputation. Its destructive tendencies infuriate many unaware travellers. Examples include, car interiors (windows left down) window moulding (when the window is up). , 3/18/2005

Gold Nugget

This gold nugget was found in the area of Hokitika during the gold rush of 1909. It weighs 99oz, 12dwt, 12gr, or 3098 grams and is the largest ever found in New Zealand. It’s known as the ‘Honourable Roddy’ after the Minister of Mines, Roderick McKenzie, 3/18/2005

Souther Lakes

The Southern Lakes Region extends from the glaciers south towards Wanaka and Queenstown. There are numerous lakes, each more beautiful than the last (kind of like the wine tasting, which is popular in the area between Wanaka and Queenstown). , 3/18/2005

Panoramic Queenstown

This panoramic picture shows Queenstown sitting on the shores of Lake Wakatipu across from The Remarkables. This is a remarkably beautiful area home to just about every outdoor activity you can think of. , 3/18/2005

Hang Gliding

Queenstown is the extreme sports capital of the world. Hang gliding seemed like a tame way to spend the afternoon compared to the bungy jumping, skydiving, fly by wire (a missile like personal craft), and paragliding alternatives., 3/18/2005

Cool Drinks

The Five Below bar is a cool hang-out. The frozen room is outfitted with an ice bar, ice walls and ice sculptures. Partygoers rotate in and out in thirty minute intervals, which is more than enough time to sip your drink (from the ice tumbler). , 3/18/2005

Kepler Track

The South Island boasts the world greatest walks with many trails travelling through diverse and dramatic scenery. The Ranger at the Department of Conservation explained that these walks can be a hiker’s greatest or most miserable moment. I suppose if you are not prepared for rain and cold, then it’s could be the latter. These mushrooms seemed content in the moist earth., 3/18/2005


The fern is the most recognizable symbol for New Zealand. Its abundance inspires tourist shops and is the mascot for the All Blacks – New Zealand rugby team. , 3/18/2005

Waterfall heaven

If you like waterfalls, then Milford Sound on a rain day is the place to be., 3/18/2005

Light House

The light house on nugget point is a popular attraction because it is at the end (or beginning) of the Southern Scenic Highway. It is also home to sea lions, which you may see basking on the rocks below. This light house’s claim to fame is that it is the southern most light house in the world. , 3/18/2005

Taiaroa Royal Albatross Colony

The Taiaroa Royal Albatross Colony is located at the tip of the Otago Peninsula. The visitors centre give tours where you can see these large and goofy birds up close. There is also a lot of information about the various species of penguins that thrive in the area., 3/18/2005

Beach balls!

The Moeraki Boulders are 60 million year old rock formations that the ocean waves are slowly revealing by eroding the nearby Cliffside. These proved to be far more interesting than I first thought when reading the guidebook. , 3/18/2005


Whats this? There seems to be something hatching from one of the Moeraki Boulders! After closer inspection, it turned out to be Alana enjoying a comfortable seat. , 3/18/2005


No trip to new Zealand would be complete without a picture of sheep grazing in the green grass., 3/18/2005