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The Our NJ Home Album

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Thumbnail Title Description

Our New Home

The view of our house from the sidewalk in front, 7/1/2002


This is what you see as you enter the front door, 7/1/2002

Great Room

We use the great room for both the living room and the dining room, 7/1/2002

Living Area

This is the living room, 7/1/2002

Dining Area

Here is the dining room, 7/1/2002

Kitchen Table

A view of the kitchen from the dining room, 7/1/2002

Kitchen Full View

The kitchen is huge! We have remodeling ideas in mind to utilize the space, 7/1/2002

Kitchen Table

The table against the lime-green wall (did I mention re-modeling?), 7/1/2002

Stairs to Second Floor

Going up?, 7/1/2002

Stairs to Basement

From here, you may go upstairs, outside, or down to the basement, 7/1/2002

2nd Floor Hall

The hallway at the top of the stairs, 7/1/2002

The Cheetah Room

Yes, the cheetah room lives onÖ, 7/1/2002

The Cheetah Room

Alana and her crazy cheetah room!, 7/1/2002

The Cheetah Room

Another picture of the beloved cheetah room, 7/1/2002

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is on the second floor, 7/1/2002

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom, 7/1/2002

Master Bedroom

Another shot of the master bedroom, 7/1/2002


The bathroom matches the kitchen, isnít that just grand?, 7/1/2002


The view of the office as you enter the room, 7/1/2002


The stairs to the third floor are in the office, 7/1/2002

Stairs to 3rd Floor

Going Up?, 7/1/2002

Extra Rooms (3rd Floor)

The third floor room is finished, 7/1/2002

Extra Rooms (3rd Floor)

The third floor room adds a lot of useful space., 7/1/2002

Extra Rooms (3rd Floor)

Alana can sew and work on crafts in this area, 7/1/2002

Extra Rooms (3rd Floor)

There is one futon and a lot of extra room for overflow New Years party goers!, 7/1/2002

View from Backyard

The back of the house as seen from the backyard, 7/1/2002


Our backyard is mostly a pool, less mowing and more skimming (and swimming), 7/1/2002

Garage / Cabana

The garage doubles as a cabana for the pool. This is the first time we ever had a garage, 7/1/2002