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The Palau Album

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Alana Tracy Paddling

Alana and Tracy kayaking through the rock islands of Palau. The water was clear and you could see the grass and coral below. Our guide explained how the visibility at this time was poor. I was thinking: if this is poor, then a good day must be amazing., 12/30/2004

Underwater View

Here is a view of the ocean floor taken from a Kayak. Again, this is a day of poor visibility., 12/30/2004

Hotel California

There were many interesting plants nestled in amongst the mangroves of the rock islands including this one. The pods contain nectar that attracts insects that enter, but cannot escape. The plants use the nutrients from the insects. Our guide calls this plan Hotel California (he also knows the proper name, which we since forgotten)., 12/30/2004

Red Tongue

We stopped for lunch at one of approx. 100 camping/picnic areas in the rock islands (over 300 such islands). People will kayak for days stopping at these places. The Palau government patrols these areas to assure nobody litters, etc. One of the patrol men gave us beechnuts. Chewing beechnuts is similar to chewing tobacco and is popular on many islands in the pacific. A beechnut wrapped in a pepper leaf turns your mouth and teeth red., 12/30/2004

Paddling Alana

Alana kayaking in Palau., 12/30/2004

Lone Island

One of many rock islands in Palau. We passed this one on the way to reef to SCUBA dive., 12/29/2004

Palau Island

Typical sight in Palau, there are hundreds of rock islands, some small and others large., 12/29/2004


Bai Melekeok - A restored Bai or Menís House in Palau. Villages on Micronesian islands have structures built with similar materials shown in this Bai. The main building in a village is a community meeting house. The menís house is typically located by the sea. To this day, only men congregate in these buildings. , 12/31/2004

Bai Inside

The interior of the Bai is also extravagantly painted with images of village life., 12/31/2004


Palau and Yap are famous for story boards Ė wood carvings that tell a story. One such story is a about a women who wondered what the men did in the Bai. One night, with her baby in arm, she sneaked a peek into the Bai and was instantly turned to stone. You may find stone carvings of a woman holding her baby outside of the Menís House., 12/31/2004

Japanese Memorial

While driving around Palau, we ended up at this Japanese monument honouring Japanese and Palau people killed during the time of Japanese occupation of the island. This monument was strange for a couple of reasons, one being the fact that the pyramid was not exactly precise, contrary to typical Japanese craftsmanship. Also, it was sitting out in the middle of nowhere and obviously no effort was made to maintain. , 12/31/2004