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The Philippa Hens night Album

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Hens Tasting Wine

Philippa's Hens or Bachelorette weekend was held 2 hours from Sydney in the Hunter Valley, Sydney's wine region. The Hens Weekend package included a tour to 5 wineries, lunch, dinner and dancing. This is the first place we tasted wine., 7/22/2006

Karen, Philippa and Alana

Karen and I became friends with Philippa when we worked together in Canberra at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)., 7/22/2006

Hens Tasting Wine

Another wine tasting room. It was great getting to know Philippa's friends. , 7/22/2006

Hunter Valley Locals

Kangaroos outside the wine tasting room. Thankfully they don't like to eat grapes!, 7/22/2006

Hunter Valley Locals

I thought this picture had a great perspective. Emma also works for Accenture in Sydney., 7/22/2006

The Bride to Be

Philippa looks like she is enjoying her weekend., 7/22/2006

Big Hair

The disco was an 80's theme, and since I was the only one who was a teen in that era I helped everyone in producing 'Big Hair'. All those years of doing Jill's hair paid off!, 7/22/2006

80s Alana

Ahhh … 80s fashion is back. When shopping for our outfits Karen and I were shocked at how easy it was to find 80s gear. The leggings with lace…priceless, 7/22/2006

Karen and Philippa Prep

Karen and Pip add the electric blue mascara and blue eye shadow to complete the 80s look., 7/22/2006

What time machine did you arrive in?

As if they stepped out of 1985 into the future, 7/22/2006

Ready for the Disco

Who let me out of the hotel with so much makeup? , 7/22/2006

Dinner before Disco

We enjoyed dinner and tested Philippa on how well she knows Bill. She passed!, 7/22/2006


Here's to you Philippa!, 7/22/2006