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The Platypus Hunter Album

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Platypus and Friends

The Tidbinbilla Reserve includes a lake with a few resident platypus. If you get to the Park right when they open, you may see one swimming around. This platypus did not seem to worry about the bird activity on the lake and swam peacefully by the ducks and geese. , 4/3/2006

Tidbinbilla Platypus

A Tidbinbilla Reserve resident platypus goes for a morning swim in the lake, 4/3/2006

Platypus Up Close

A difficult shot to capture of a platypus in the Tidbinbilla Reserve, 4/3/2006

Platypus Habitat

This lake in the Tidbinbilla Reserve showcases the ideal platypus habitat, 4/3/2006

Platypus - Topside

This platypus makes home in Broken River a river that flows through Eungella National Park. The platform built alongside the river makes a superb spot to see platypus making their daily rounds, 10/1/2006

Platypus Dive

The platypus does not spend a lot of time on the surface since they can be prone to predators. After getting some air, the platypus dives back to the riverbed in search of food, 10/1/2006

Eungella Resident

Another view of a platypus in Broken River, 10/1/2006

The Wily Platypus

The wily Platypus are difficult to photograph because they are most active in the morning or evening. They move around quickly and you never know where they are going to surface. In this particular case, the platypus seemed happy to pose for a quick photo shoot before returning to breakfast, 10/1/2006

Platypus Country

The town of Bombala prefers the moniker: Platypus Country. The locals are proud of their efforts to successfully build a community that lives in harmony with their recluse neighbours, 9/9/2006

Platypus Hunter

The platypus hunter takes a rest on one of many handcrafted platypus benches in the town of Bombala, 9/9/2006