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The Rural ACT Album

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Touring the Farm

We returned to Sydney then set out towards Canberra for a farm stay. A co-worker of Alana's graciously opened her farm to us. The boys are in the back of a "Ute" going on a dusk tour of the farm., 4/1/2006

Sarah's Farm

Alana and her 2 work friends Sarah and Belinda at Sarah's farm, 4/2/2006

Camp fire

After the farm stay we drove towards Canberra and camped near Tidbinbilla a national park 30 minutes outside of Canberra, 4/2/2006

Dee and Alana at Gibraltar Falls

In the morning we hiked to Gibraltar falls while we waited for Tidbinbilla to open., 4/3/2006

Group at Gibraltar Falls

, 4/3/2006

Canberra Space Station

Since Tidbinbilla wasn't open yet we went to the Canberra Space Station. , 4/3/2006

Alana Sandwich

The girls passed the time by climbing on Alana, 4/3/2006

Satellite Dish

This is one of the satellites at the space station., 4/3/2006


Finally Tidbinbilla Opens, 4/3/2006

Hope and Faith at the Visitors Centre

This Wallaby statue is outside the visitors centre, 4/3/2006

The Pond where the Platypus live

This is the pond where we saw the platypus, 4/3/2006

Platypus in the wild

My dream was to see a platypus in the wild -- and finally I have. We stood transfixed for about an hour watching 3 platypus swim and dive in this pond. It was amazing!, 4/3/2006

Platypus in the wild

It is very rare to see these shy animals, we were so lucky!, 4/3/2006


These unique geese co-habited with the platypus., 4/3/2006