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The Sunshine Coast Album

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On the third day we all flew to Maroochydore, which is on the Queensland Sunshine coast to go to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. , 3/29/2006

Steve Irwin and Crocodile

It was lucky that Steve Irwin himself was at the park., 3/29/2006

Everyone at Roo Heaven

After seeing the crocodiles we were all ready to see some Kangaroos , 3/29/2006

Light Kangaroo

This kangaroo was interested in my camera, 3/29/2006

White Kangaroo

This kangaroo was white, although not albino. Dee pets him., 3/29/2006


Dee and Faith feed this Wallaby, 3/29/2006

Faith Hope and Jill feed the kangaroos

The hole family enjoyed the tame kangaroos, 3/29/2006


These are laughing kookaburra's I love their "laughter"., 3/29/2006

Australia Zoo Cheetahs

Australia Zoo had all the Aussie animals you expect and other animals like cheetahs that you don't. It was a great place!, 3/29/2006

Faith and Hope in a Crocodile

Cute., 3/29/2006

Girls and a Koala

You can hold a Koala at Australia Zoo, 3/29/2006

Dee and Alana hold a Koala

, 3/29/2006

Cute Koala

, 3/29/2006

Eye of the Koala

, 3/29/2006

Glass House Mountain

The Glass House Mountains are a series of steep-sided volcanic plugs which dominate the landscape of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. They are formed of lavas which hardened inside the vents of volcanoes that have been greatly reduced by about 25 million years of erosion., 3/30/2006

Glass House Mountain

Jill and Alana in front of a glass house mountain, 3/30/2006

Spider on Glass House Mountain Walk

We went on a short walk through a forest near the glasshouse mountains and saw this spider, 3/30/2006

Spider on Glass House Mountain Walk

Another spider we saw during our glass house mountain walk, 3/30/2006

The Big Pineapple

From Australia Zoo we headed to Bundaberg. On the way we stopped at the big pineapple. , 3/30/2006

Beach near Bundaberg

Near Bundaberg we stopped at this beach, 3/30/2006


Faith and Dee found this crab on the beach, 3/30/2006

Bundaberg Bear

Bundaberg is a small town in the heart of sugar cane country. Bundaberg is famous for its rum distillery. The mascot of the distillery is this polar bear., 3/31/2006