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The White Cliffs - Outback Album

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White Cliff Morning

White Cliffs received the most rain in two years the night we arrived. By time the sun rose in the morning, the rain had stopped and the sky was clear. There was little evidence of an intense rain as the soil absorbs a remarkable amount of water., 6/11/2005

Fossicking Opals

The prospects of finding a seam of glittering opals deep within the White Cliff rock attracts both serious and hobbyist miners. Fossickers come in hopes of finding a gem on the ground or an overlooked rock in the many tailings. Fossicking is the act of mining using nothing more than your fingers or the odd hand tool. The best time to fossick is in the morning after a rain, which was the case when we hit the slopes., 6/11/2005

Warning Signs

Once you enter White Cliffs, you enter mining country. These signs are the only warning that you are walking around exposed shafts dropping in excess of 20 feet. The tailings from back-to-back mines create an eerie landscape., 6/11/2005

Heavy Equipment

Some Opal miners fill buckets and carry them out of that shaft as they chip away at the rock. Others use a motorized bucket hauling system. Serious miners use an enormous vacuum to suck the rocks out of the shaft., 6/11/2005

PJs Underground

Many people in White Cliffs live underground to cope with the heat of summer. Many old mines are converted into living quarters complete with all the comforts of a normal home. While visiting, we stayed at PJs Underground Bead and Breakfast. This B and B is a great place to stay and visit with other guests. There is also a mine and good fossicking on site. , 6/11/2005

Solar Power

The Experimental Solar Power station powers the White Cliff opal and jewellery stores. , 6/11/2005

Mangy Kangaroos

The kangaroos in White Cliffs are not as fat and happy as those we are used to seeing in Canberra and Sydney. , 6/11/2005

Outback Kangaroo

Kangaroos have evolved to efficiently travel a long distance since food is rarely close by., 6/11/2005


A view from PJs Underground hotel. , 6/11/2005

White Cliff Sunset

A view of the sunset from the heart of the opal mines. , 6/11/2005